What types of items do you store?

We store just about any kind of vehicle you’ve got! Boats, personal watercraft, RVs, campers, trailers, cars, trucks, motorcycles and more! Please give us a call to discuss pricing if you would like to store something with us that is not specifically listed in our rate sheets.

Please note that we do not offer personal storage bays or lockers and we do not store personal belongings other than vehicles (and vehicle-related accessories, such as trailers) at this time.

Is there a maximum size for my boat or vehicle in order to store with you?
We can store almost any vehicle or boat as long as it fits through our 19’6” (w) x 20’ (h) doors.
What currency do you charge in?
All rates listed on our website are in Canadian dollars.
Can I keep my vehicle / boat in storage all year?
Yes! Whether you want to stay for a month or the whole year, we have storage options to fit everyone’s needs.
Will my vehicle be safe?
Storage facilities do not get safer than ParkStor! Our security features include 24-hour video surveillance, gated access to the premises, brightly lit drop-off and pick-up lot, passcode history records and individual access codes.
I would like to reserve storage. What are my next steps?

Give us a call at 613-659-5959 and you’ll be connected to a storage representative who will help you choose the storage option that’s right for your needs and budget. After that, we’ll finalize your reservation, including sending you our standard storage agreement, and you’re all set!