ParkStor Features - 24 Hr Security


Your RV, boat or vehicle will be secure in our facility which is only accessible by and with a ParkStor employee. Our facility features passcode-access, 24-hour video surveillance, and bright lighting so you can feel assured that your RV, boat or vehicle is being properly safeguarded and protected.

Protection from the elements

Outdoor storage exposes boats and vehicles to storms, snow and other damaging weather elements. By storing indoors at ParkStor, you are protecting your valuable asset against wear and tear associated with weather and minimizing the prep you need to do before your next excursion.

ParkStor Features - Protection from Elements
ParkStor Features - Service While you Wait

Service while you store

ParkStor offers a full range of services and will be offering expanded mechanical services that can be performed while your boat or vehicle is in storage.  Current services include battery charging, sewage pump-out and exterior wash.  Coming soon, an expanded selection of services for your convenience. These services would be nearly impossible to perform on a boat or vehicle stored outdoors (especially in the winter!), but easily completed on one tucked safely and warmly inside our complex. Plus, having these services performed while you store means your pride and joy will be all set the next time you need it!

Location, location, location!

ParkStor is located at 848 Thousand Islands Parkway in the heart of the Thousand Islands, just minutes from the ON-401 and the Thousand Islands Bridge to the USA. No need for long hauls from city storage – ParkStor is within a stone’s throw of the St. Lawrence River, marinas (including Hucks Marine & Resort), campsites, and boat launches.

ParkStor Features - Location